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Alaskan sled dog term. Must be the biggest / toughest dogs on the team and be calm under pressure

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Wheel Dog Industries to take part in Veterans In Residence cohort


Bunker Labs has selected Wheel Dog Industries to become a member of the January 2018 Veterans In Residence cohort, presented in partnership with wework. In addition to taking advantage of the workspace at 1601 Market, WDI will partake in the mentoring, networking and tutelage that the cohort will furnish. Working in close proximity with like-minded veteran entrepreneurs will only serve to motivate us to continue to produce quality products and services for our present and future clientele.

        The initiative is slated to run for six months and will afford Wheel Dog immeasurable opportunities for growth and productivity as we scale up our firm. While involved in the cohort, we plan on building our book of business, developing a sustainable development model and establishing a more robust presence in the professional circles of the Greater Philadelphia area. We will join forces with any and all organizations that share our mandate; improving the services veterans receive by affecting the agencies that provide those services. If you fit that description, contact us immediately so that we can begin to build a relationship; if your business needs to better serve its veteran clientele, contact Wheel Dog Industries today for an initial consultation.

        Wheel Dog Industries thanks Bunker Labs and WeWork for the space and support afforded to us. We plan to establish a fruitful working relationship with both entities and continue partnering with them into the future. To those who have supported our efforts thus far, please continue to do so into the new year and beyond so that we can positively impact the lives of veterans everywhere.



Wheel Dog Industries presented #BeThere on Feb. 1st, a forum highlighting the struggle that many veterans have with mental health. The response to the event was incredible; WDI is eternally grateful to the participants and attendees who made the evening an overwhelming success. 

During our remarks, we announced the partnership between our firm and the Suicide Prevention program at the Phila. VA Medical Center. We also detailed some of the initiatives that we have already set in motion. The non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and private business owners that we have already partnered with are the foundation of the community alliance WDI seeks to build. We hope that the @#BeThere forum will serve to fortify that foundation and that WDI can continue to engineer strong societal bonds across the Delaware Valley.

Nina Ahmad, candidate for Congress in the 1st district of PA was in attendance and the remarks she made were phenomenal. Her progressive message and willingness to engage with the veteran community is evident; WDI is happy to have her be associated with the work we're trying to do.

Iris Roundtree, our keynote speaker, transfixed those in attendance while she spoke with passion and integrity. If you'd like her to come speak to your organization, please reach out to WDI at dmiller@wheeldogindustries.com or visit wheeldogindustries.com and click the "Drop Us a Line" link. We will be happy to schedule a visit to your building and have Iris educate your people on what she does for the veterans in our community.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, watched the livestream and/or supported #BeThere. Please stay involved with Wheel Dog Industries and all of the good work that we plan to do into the future. 

Wheel Dog Industries to be focus of Widener University capstone course


Wheel Dog Industries (WDI) is pleased to announce our collaboration with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the School of Business Administration at Widener University. During the spring semester of 2018, a group of five Management 451 Senior Project students will complete a thesis centered on WDI and its business model. This group will work closely with WDI to examine key business, economic, ethical, and environmental issues confronting our firm. The students will conduct market research, produce financial projections and feasibility studies, and develop a strategic business plan based on our organization over a 15 week period. At the end of the semester, the group will present its findings at a symposium to be held on Widener's campus. 

According to the project lead, Michael Latini, "Our purpose is to take a research based approach to gain an understanding of your industry and business. We will analyze the industry as a whole, the competition and other threats that exist, then examine the strengths and weaknesses of your business to develop a strategic business plan that will help you to meet your goals. We will also try to determine what opportunities there are for the business."

WDI will be better armed to serve you and your organization due to its involvement with the Widener SBDC and the MGT451 students at the unversity. We will make further announcements on details of the collaboration as they become available. As always, visit wheeldogindustries.com and/or email us at dmiller@wheeldogindustries.com for more information. Thank you for your continued support of our mission to help you help veterans.

Dennis Miller named City Leader of Bunker Labs PHL


Dennis Miller, Executive Principal of Wheel Dog Industries, has been named City Leader of Bunker Labs PHL. In this role, he will promote Veteran entrepreneurship and community engagement for the local Bunker Labs chapter. Read the entire blog here

City Leader of the Year

City Leader of the Year

Dennis Miller was recently named City Leader of the Year for the Northeast Region of Bunker Labs. Dennis helped navigate the Philadelphia chapter of Bunker Labs through a time of transition, assisting the organization toward its progression to a national NGO. As Bunker Labs PHL continues to expand its footprint in the Greater Philadelpia area...and across the U.S....Dennis and WDI will be there to help the organization thrive and grow.