wheel dog [noun]

Alaskan sled dog term. Must be the biggest / toughest dogs on the team and be calm under pressure

Focused on helping you better understand your veteran clientele


WDI is an unparalleled Public Policy consulting firm, specializing in veteran centered advising for agencies large and small.


You want veterans on your team

WDI knows that your agency values the veteran and military community. We want to help you strengthen your relationship with the servicemembers in your market base. We do this by providing research driven advising services, tailoring your organization's message to fit the warrior ethos.

You want veterans to show you the way

The staff at WDI is comprised entirely of veterans thus, we have a personal stake in the issues we address for our clients. Our aim is to make the experience that our brothers and sisters in arms have with private businesses the best it can be. We do that by teaching our clients about the subjects we find important and helping them orient their services toward our needs.

You want veterans to understand you

Understanding the intricate language servicemembers speak can sometimes be tricky for the layman. We serve as a translator, helping you to get a firm grip of the needs of your military clientele. We then help you state your position in a fashion that veterans will react favorably to, one that will see them choose you instead of your competitors.

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